Wholesaler Carmar specializes in American tires and wheels. Founded in 2001 as a small business, our love for American cars, tires and rims helped the company grow rapidly to what it is today.

By specializing in American vehicles, Carmar houses an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise. Combined with a wide range of stocked products and advanced equipment, you'll find everything you're looking for at one single store!

Carmar offers tires and wheels from American origin, assembly of complete sets and tire balancing.




Business to business

Businesses can always shop at Carmar for our wide range of tires, rims and accessories. It's easy to navigate our web shop using tire sizes and brand names. In addition, companies can link their systems to our web shop. You'll always find the right products, including conditions and supplies. For more information, go to our dealer page.




Business to consumer

Carmar's wide range of exclusive American tires and wheels is also available for consumers. Easily select available products based on your vehicle. After placing your order at Carmar, make an appointment to ensure the products are assembled and balanced correctly.




Need any help finding your wheel or tire?

Are you doubting which tires or wheels to order? Or are you looking for handmade forged wheels? Don't hesitate to contact us for advice. Our employees are happy to support you!

Call +31 (0)493-399666 to make an appointment right away or email us at We will contact you as soon as possible!