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Welcome on the wheel accessories page of Carmar Wheels & Tyres established in Deurne, the Netherlands.

Beside the fact that we are having a huge assortment filled with the wheels on their own, we also have a big assortment filled with the accessories for them.
The accessories serve for different points, we are going to explain you all these points on this page for you!

Also these accessories are able to make your car unique in her own way.
So, are you looking for that one little thing to make it completely unique? We are the ones you are looking for!

As regards the accessories for the wheels, we have the following categories:  

First of all we will start with the explanation of the wheel spacers.

Wheel Spacers:

You need this accessory if you want to wide the track width of your car. It looks very good when you have a reduced car, it will give your car a much fuller look. It ensaures that the wheels of your car will come further out of it. Beside that, it will bring another advantage for you! By widening the track width of your car you improve the road holding of your car, and this makes it a lot more comfortable to drive around!
So order your wheel spacers directly in our webshop!


An adapter is there to make it possible to mount your wheels on another wheel size. So, are thinking for that one model wheel on your car but you can't make your dream come true because of the wrong sizes? Well an adapter will help you! For example you can change the size 4x108 to a 4x100 or a 4x114.3 to a 4x100.

Maybe this was the accessory you were looking for? Well have a look in our webshop! 


The Centercaps or Hub Caps of the wheel will make sure that your wheel will look more beautifull under your car. This is because a centercap covers off the lock bolt of wheel. Beside that it keeps dirt away from the hub. 
At the moment we are having 3 categories in our centercap offer; 

Centercaps Bolt On 
Centercaps Push Trough 
Centercaps Snap In

If you want to take a look in our webshop, just click on the category you want to see!

Centering Rings 

This accessory is very handy. It makes sure that your wheel will stay a lot firmer and beside that a lot safer under your car. Most of the time these rings are made of plastic or metal. They will be placed very easy in the core of the wheel. 
All of these things together makes sure that your wheel will stay safe on his place.
So, are you looking for something like this? Or just curious? Take a look in our shop! 


The spinners which can be mounted on your wheel, increase the appearance of your car. When your car stops the spinners will keep twisting. It gives a beautifull view! 

Curious about the spinners we have? Take a look in our shop! 


A bolt is made of metal or a different material with screw thread on it and a head. In combination with a nut, a bolt is there to connect two ore more materials on each other. 
Maybe you are looking for this product? Or just curious to what we offer you? Take a look in our webshop!


A nut is a metal of plastic product, most of the time with a square or hexagonal circumference and a whole that is equipped with screw thread. The nut and a bolt together are there to connect two or more product with each other. 
Ofcourse you can directly order them in our webshop! 

Trim Rings

First of all a trim ring is there to make your wheel look more beautifull. Beside that, it protects the wheelbolts against the weather whole year long. With the weather we mean all the dirt and moisture that could damage the wheel. 
So, are you looking for this? Take a look in our webshop! 


Lock Sets 


A Lock Bolt is a bolt with a smooth round head with under there a square part and screw thread. On the screw thread fits a nut where you can connect a bolt on. The square part falls in the same size square, metal whole. Because the head of the bolt is totally smooth, is it only possible to loosening the lock bolt from the nut size. 
You need this? Take a look in our webshop!

As you can see, we have a lot of accessories for your wheel. Beside the decorative part of them, they also have a handy function most of the time. Maybe you have some questions, if you have them? You can contact us all the time! So we can help you with your choices and desicions!



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