Speed index tires

The speed index indicates the maximum speed of a tire. It is important that the maximum speed of your tire corresponds to the maximum speed of your car (preferably it is even slightly higher). In any case, never economize by buying a tire with a lower speed index. This can cause dangerous situations, such as a high speed blowout.


Index speed for passenger, delivery and truck tires

Are you going to replace the tires on your car? Then make sure that the speed of the tires matches the character of the car. Do you want to know the maximum speed of your current tires? Then look at the mandatory signs on the "cheek" of the tire. The last letter concerns the speed coding. You can find out what the index symbol means in the table below. Does your tire have a speed code "V"? Then this means that you could drive the tire up to 240 kilometers per hour.



Snelheidsindex tabel

snelheidsindex tabel



Tires with special codings

In addition to the speed coding above, some car makes also use their own code. For example, Porsche uses an N-code. Only tires with this N-code are considered suitable by Porsche for mounting under their cars. Tesla has a similar coding (TO), as do Audi (AO) and Mercedes (MO). Many major tire brands such as other Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and Bridgestone also offer tires with these markings. They have then found agreement with the car brands to use this code. You will also find these tires in our range.


Speed index for winter tires

In contrast to summer tires, winter tires allow you to fit a tire with a lower speed index (maximum one letter). Suppose you have summer tires with the speed index W, you can use winter tires with the speed index V, but not with H. Note that the performance of winter tires is substantially different from that of summer tires. Alles weten over banden voor verschillende seizoenen? Lees er alles over op de pagina over winterbanden, zomerbanden en all season banden.



Note: for example, are you going on winter sports in Germany? Do you drive winter tires with a lower speed index than your original tires? Then ask your garage for a free dashboard sticker on which you indicate that you use a different speed index. In Germany, the legislation on this is very strict.




We are happy to advise you!

If you are looking for new tires for your car, there are of course many other things besides the speed index that you have to take into account. Consider, for example, the load index. At Carmar, in addition to a wide selection of car tires, we also have a lot of knowledge about tires and rims. We are happy to advise you and help you with the right choice for your car tire. Feel free to mail or call us.