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Welcome on the sundries page from Carmar Wheels & Tyres established in Deurne, the Netherlands 

In this page we find the products that just can finish your car. At this page you will find the information about claxons and the lift and leveling kits we are having in our assortment. Who can make your car look more fuller and just finish it. 

Train Claxons. 
Beside the fact that your motor will make a beautifull sound, the claxon has got the same abillity. In our assortment we are having train claxon sets which can give your car just a little more appereance. Are you driving a big 4x4 or a muscled American car, well this sound will finish your car. The best description of this sound is deep and powerfull, they are very loud and as the word says they sound like a train which is coming hard! Beside that, these claxons are all hand tuned in the United States of America. 
Just to give you a simple example of the sound, when you let the claxon scream for about 5 seconds people who are walking 4 miles away form your car will hear it easy!

Lift Kit
As the first word says, this kit is for lifting your car. In this kit we will find a lot of different materials who make sure you can lift your car. The lifting of a car is not only for the more powerfull look, it also makes sure you are able to montate a much bigger wheel or tyre.
Also in the lift kit category we will find some differences. Like do you want to go exuberant or do you stay a bit smaller? Do you want to keep it all a bit smaller we are having the Leveling Kits. When you choose for this kit you have less materials or a less higher lifting. 

If these things, are exactly the things you were looking for? Or just curious? Take a look in our shop!

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