Tire pressure monitoring stystem sensor

The correct tire pressure is very important for good road holding. Do you drive your tires with too little pressure? Then this can cause unsafe situations. In the Netherlands, according to the ANWB, no less than sixty percent of all cars with too low tire pressure. This can amount to around € 150 extra fuel costs per year. It is time to take a closer look at tire pressure and the possibilities of tire pressure sensors.


Optimal tire pressure

The optimal tire pressure differs per car. On this page you can view the model how many bars the front and rear tires should ideally have. If you have a car after November 1, 2014, it is standard equipped with a TPMS system.




Smart tire pressure sensors with TPMS

A TPMS is a smart electronic system that monitors the pressure of your tires in real time. Is there something wrong? Then the system ensures that you receive a notification of this. There are two different ways to systematically monitor tire pressure. Car manufacturers can use a system that measures via the pressure sensor in the wheel, or opt for a system that works via the vehicle's ABS sensor.


Buy TPMS and new rims

TPMS is part of the type approval and is therefore a mandatory part of the car. Do you want to buy new rims? Then it must first be determined which tire pressure monitoring system your car uses. Does your car use a pressure sensor in the wheel? Then you cannot just install every rim on your car. After all, it must be possible to place sensors in the rims and that is not possible with all rims. Does your car measure the tire pressure via ABS? Then you are lucky. With this TPMS system you can simply mount all rims.




Install tire pressure sensors

Do you not have tire pressure sensors in your car as standard, but would you like to add them? We have various tire pressure sensors in our range which can also be mounted on older cars. This is highly recommended, because if you notice too low tire pressure in time, it will make a big difference in driving safety, unnecessary tire wear and unnecessary fuel consumption. Do you have any questions or would you like to have the sensors attached? Feel free to contact us. Our specialists are happy to assist you.