Welke 4x4 banden passen bij u?

Bent u op zoek naar 4x4 banden? Dan is het belangrijk uw wensen helder te hebben. Kiest u voor deze banden in verband met de uitstraling maar rijdt u vrijwel alleen maar op de verharde weg? Of wilt u offroad trips met u wagen gaan maken? Op basis van uw wensen kijken de specialisten van Carmar graag met u mee om te bepalen welke 4x4 banden het best bij u passen.



Profile choice: actually off road or mainly on the road?

4x4 tires can be roughly divided into five categories:


1. 100% road profile

This type of 4x4 is also known as the high performance tire. A good option for when you have a powerful SUV with which you do not want to drive unpaved. These tires provide a tough look and good handling on the road. You cannot take it off-road.

2. 100% terrain profile

Most 4x4 tires we sell have this profile. With this profile you drive fine on the paved road, but you can also manage well in most terrain conditions. Ideal for when you occasionally need to get on the roadside or pasture with your SUV, but do most of your driving on the paved road.


3. 50% road and 50% terrain profile

These tires are usually used on the road. These tires have an aggressive appearance and ride well on the road and in terrain. These are the A / T profiles (All Terrain). For the ideal look without too much noise, this tire is the best solution.



4. 30% road and 70% terrain profile (predominantly terrain profile)

The profiles of these tires are also called MUD profiles. This type of 4x4 tire is suitable for tough conditions, such as driving in greasy mud or on rocky ground. These tires perform less well on the paved road. We therefore recommend that you only use this type of tires for off-road driving and to change them after use.


5. 70% road and 30% terrain profile (predominantly road profile)

4x4 tires with a full terrain profile are suitable for very extreme conditions. The performance on unpaved terrain is very good with these tires and you can handle heavy terrain trips with these tires. These are usually H / T profiles (highway terain). However, this type of tire is not suitable for the paved road. On the asphalt, these tires make a lot of noise and you have a moderate grip. So change when you go on the paved road.




4x4 tires / off road tires at Carmar

You can contact us for 4x4 tires from well-known brands such as BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Michelin and Continental. In addition, you are also at the right place for mounting, balancing and aligning tires. View the 4x4 tires from our range here. Do you have any questions or could you use some help? Feel free to contact us, our specialists will gladly assist you!