(Custom) forged wheels

Forged wheels are rims that are manufactured from one piece of high-quality aluminum. When making these rims, all unnecessary material is cut away until only the actual rim remains. The rim can also be produced by pressing it through a specially developed mold.



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forgestar F14 custom


Advantages of forged wheels

One of the main features of forged wheels is that they are up to 25% lighter than cast wheels. Less material is needed to achieve the same strength. This ensures faster acceleration, more cornering speed and lower fuel consumption. In addition, a forged rim is up to three times stronger than a cast rim, so it can handle much more power.


Custom forged wheels

Forged wheels are always manufactured by hand. We have various "standard" forged wheels in our range, but did you know that it is also possible to have these rims fully customized? You can choose from one or two-piece rims which we can fully adapt to your wishes and needs. These rims are then specially developed for you on request. Do you own a special car? Then you make it completely unique with a set of custom forged wheels.



Note: Forging wheels (custom or not) is very labor intensive. The costs for this type of rims are therefore higher than, for example, with cast rims, which are usually made in the factory.


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The Carmar specialists are happy to help you!

Are you looking for new rims? Then the Carmar specialists will be happy to advise you. We have a lot of experience in the field of (custom) forged wheels and we are happy to share these with you. Are you unsure between forged or cast wheels? Would you like more information about custom forged wheels or find out what the possibilities are for your car? Feel free to contact us.