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Welcome on the tyre accessory page of Carmar Wheels & Tyres established in Deurne, the Netherlands. 

Well you might have noticed that we are having a big assortment filled with tires. And also for all those tires, we have the right accessories to make your unique in her own way. Beside that it makes your car unique, it also has a lot of profits when you use these accessories. They are able to give you some more sense or help you in a lot of situations.

Well, down here you will see an overview with a defenition from every product. 

Tire Pressure Sensor 
This system was made to control your tire pressure, because of this you take a big profit out of it. When you early notice a tire pressure that is too low, it will increases your drivingsafety, it prevents unnecessary tire wear and your fuel consumption is much higher when the pressure is too low.
Maybe you were looking for this for a long time but you never found it? Well, you are at the perfect place right now! Take a look in our shop! 


Snow Chains 
Like the word says, the chains are made for circumstances in and around the snow. Without these chains your car has much less grip on the surface. What is going on the safety. 
You pull them on the tire, and they will stay effortless on your tire. Untill you disassembled them. So, were you thinking of going out with your car these days? On a terrain where you need a little more certainty? 
Take a look in our shop!  


The valve is build as a hatch for the in and out put of air. Does your tyre has a too low tire pressure? You can put the air in the tire through the valve. Well, same way when your pressure is too high. It is just one little peace of your tire, but it has a huge value. So, are you looking for this little, but very important part? Take a look in our shop! 

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