Runflat tyres

A flat tire? With run-flat tires you can still drive home safely. How far you can drive with a punctured run-flat tire depends on the type, but in most cases you can safely bridge it for 80 kilometers! We are happy to explain how this works on this page.


Flat tire? Quickly assemble a spare wheel!

You will normally not be able to drive with a flat tire. Is the tire pressure lost? This reduces the manageability of your car to such an extent that you endanger yourself and other road users. You also have the risk of serious, structural damage. Stopping as soon as possible and mounting a spare wheel is often the advice with a flat tire. This is not necessary with a run-flat tire.


How do runflat tires work?

A run-flat tire is differentiates from a normal car tire by the reinforced sides. These sides are able to bear the weight of the car, even when there is no air in it. Runflat tires can only be mounted in combination with TPMS rims. These rims are equipped with a special warning system. When one of your tires loses air pressure, you will receive a warning on the display of your car.


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Can you continue driving?

It is therefore not necessary to stop to change the tire with run-flat tires. However, we advise to moderate your speed to a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour and watch out for taking sharp turns. This prevents unnecessary damage to the tires and thus increases the chance that the tire can still be repaired. In the event of a flat tire, visit the Carmar workshop as soon as possible to have the tire repaired or replaced.


Can run-flat tires be mounted under any car?

Due to the TPMS warning system, not every car can be fitted with this type of tire. Many BMW, Mercedes and Lexus models come standard with run-flat tires. Handy, because designers no longer have to leave space for a spare tire. Are you curious if you can fit runflat tires on your car? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. They are happy to find out the possibilities for you!




Need help finding the right car tires?

Runflat tires are available as winter tires, summer tires or 4-season tires. Naturally available in various shapes and sizes and with various specifications. In our range you will find more than 800 different run-flat tires. Need help? The Carmar specialists are happy to advise you professionally. Feel free to contact us.